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New Resource for Science Writing: ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication

Thanks to Laura Egan, Engineering and Sciences Librarian, for today’s guest post!

Working on scientific research? Our subscription to the new American Chemical Society (ACS) Guide to Scholarly Communication will become your go-to resource! The ACS Guide is a great resource for best practices in scholarly communication for science, technology, and math disciplines. The guide not only covers the ACS citation style format, but deals with data, copyright issues, and details like table formatting and how to organize your research article.

Sections new to the 2020 ACS Guide include the following:

  • Different Ways Scientists Communicate
  • Communicating Safety Information
  • Intellectual Property
  • Open Access
  • Chemistry Preprints
  • Writing About Your Research: Best Practices
  • Selecting a Scientific Journal
  • Submission Procedures
  • Postsubmission Procedures
  • Data in the Google Era

The previous ACS Style Guide was last updated in 2012; the new ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication came out January 2020 and will be updated regularly with new content. Additional content coming out this year will cover effective PowerPoint presentations and presenting research posters. Next year, content is already planned on digital biological data, patents, and communicating research for funding.

You can get to the ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication from Databases A-Z, the Chemistry Research Guide, as well as the Quick Links in the top right corner of our homepage.