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COVID-19 Myth Busting

As we all adjust to the new normal of moving our studies, work, and lives online, it’s hard to avoid coming across all kind of COVID-19 news. A challenge we’re all facing is knowing where to find credible information and navigating the social media shares and word-of-mouth updates about what’s true and what isn’t. We wanted to share some myth busting resources to help find credible advice and facts before you tweet, text, or share:

  • FEMA Coronavirus Rumor Control is intended to help the general public distinguish between fact and fiction. Rumors during a crisis such as this can cost lives, so always check out information and don’t pass along misinformation. 
  • World Health Organization (WHO) has a great resource page on COVID-19, which includes data, statistics, and advice for the public. Their myth busters section includes informational graphics that you can download and share to help spread facts about COVID-19 instead of rumors and misinformation. 
  • FactCheck.Org has a guide to help check out rumors and myths that have been circulating in the news or via spokespeople. 
  • Snopes is a common resource for fact-checking news and has been providing fact-checked categories of COVID-19 news such as origins, treatment, and government responses. 
  • NewsGuard lists websites that publish false health information or embrace conspiracy theories in place of solid fact and research. 
  • Politifact has a list of ways to avoid misinformation and compiled a list of debunked COVID-19 theories. 


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