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New: AVON Streaming Video

Streaming Video Now Available from Chester Fritz Library! 

The University of North Dakota now has access to Academic Video Online (AVON), which offers public performance rights and unlimited, online access to over 70,000 videos, including: 

  • Documentaries from BBC, PBS, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, NOVA, and others 
  • Performances from Broadway HD, ArtHaus MusikRoyal Shakespeare Company, American Dance Festival, and more 
  • Foreign Language Films  
  • Classic and Award-Winning Films including Academy Award winners, Sundance Film Festival winners, Sony Pictures Classics, and others 
  • Historical Footage and Newsreels 
  • Training and Demonstration Videos from Wiley’s For Dummies series, PACKT Publishing, and more 
  • Lectures, Labs and Instructional Materials 
  • Virtual Reality videos in 360 




Where can I access AVON? You can access AVON at this link. Make sure to sign in with your first.last (like you would with Blackboard). When choosing your institution: if you’re a student or faculty member at the medical school, select UND-SMHS and if you’re a student or faculty member at the law school, select UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA SCHOOL OF LAW. For everyone else, select UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA like in the screenshot below:

Can I use these materials for class? Create a personal account and quickly scan through options to create clips you can save and embed in Blackboard for your students to view. If you don’t see something you want access to for class, request it and AVON will try to secure the rights for no extra charge. And if you want to make sure we maintain access to a video going forward, let us know; AVON lets us select a number of videos each year to keep in perpetuity.  

Can I show a film for a student group? AVON includes public performance rights for up to 500 simultaneous users!  

Can I share your recordings with others? AVON includes an option to upload your own multimedia. 

How accessible is AVON? AVON provides transcripts and captions compatible with screen readers for all streaming video content. They also offer audio descriptions on demand within two weeks for no extra charge. 

Check out these subject search links as a starting point or search for a keyword and filter by channel, subject, publisher, content type, language, person, or release date to find videos of interest.


Have questions about AVON? Ask Us!