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Tips for Finals Week

The days are getting longer, the sky is finally blue, and the temperature is (slowly) increasing. Summer is almost here. However, standing between the freedom of open roads and days spent at the lake is most students least favorite time of year: finals week.  While many of UND’s students have already gone home to prepare to take their finals online, there are still plenty of students on campus preparing to camp at the library for the next week. Here is a list of tips to help keep you sane during finals week.


  1. Give Yourself Lots of Time

If you are planning on going to the library or another quiet study space for your exam or to work on a paper or project, give yourself lots of time. If you have two hours to complete an online exam and you start it at 8:30pm and the library closes at 10:00pm you might feel rushed. Do yourself a favor, start your exam a bit earlier and avoid the last minute panic.


  1. Hydrate

Don’t forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Hydration is good for your brain and your mood. A well hydrated brain can help you focus and improve memory.


  1. Eat Protein

Quick meals when you are tying to get projects done and exams taken is essential. However, don’t forget to eat protein. Protein can help improve memory, provide a better sleep at night, and can help us deal with stress. Some examples of quick protein snacks include beef jerky, cheese sticks, and nuts. All these snacks can be found in the new vending area of the CFL on the first floor. 


  1. Take Breaks

A good rule of thumb to follow while studying or working on a project or paper, is every hour take a 5 to 15 minute break. During this break get up, stretch, eat some protein, or scroll social media. If you are in the CFL, head on down to the first-floor vending area. There will be free coffee available from Thursday May 6th to Friday May 14th.


  1. Get sleep

There is a strong temptation to stay up one more hour to get something done during finals week. However, it is recommended that most young adults get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. Sleep is needed for memory retention, mood, and improved immune system. Sometimes the best thing to do is put it away and tackle it again in the morning.


  1. Ask Questions

While our subject librarians can’t help with online exams, they can help you with your papers and projects. Looking for a resource? Struggling with a citation? The CFL subject librarians are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Working on a paper at 2:00 am? Or getting some extra studying in on the weekend? Through our Ask Us chat service, you can access a librarian 24/7.