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Meet Graduating PRC Ben

Hello! My name is Benjamin Hannus and I am an international student from Norway. I have studied at UND for almost three years and in two weeks I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. During my time at UND I got the wonderful opportunity to work at the Chester Fritz Library. I started out as a Circulation Assistant and then advanced to become a Peer Research Consultant. 

two people sitting at a table As a peer research consultant my duties were to find accurate information on any topic and help students who walked up to my desk with research questions. To become a Peer Research Consultant, one goes through effective training with each librarian who all share their methods of conducting research. Much of what I learnt was the different ways of accessing credible information under every subject. This has also helped me with my research-heavy psychology major. 

This position has taught me to interact with students who come in for help but also all the librarians and students who work here. Working with both librarians and students creates an enjoyable balance. Each librarian has their unique ways of explaining and solving problems. Working with students gave me peer perspectives on challenges I faced as a Peer Research Consultant. On top of all that, I made life-long friendships with whom I will stay in touch with even when I am back in Norway.a person jumping over a mushroom

The aspect of working at the library I will be forever grateful for is the individual people that make up this wonderful workplace. Each librarian shows appreciation, passion and has the patience to teach and share knowledge. The library holds exceptional values that promote equality and respect for every worker. In my years of work experience, working at the Chester Fritz Library has been the healthiest choice I have ever made. 


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Kristen Borysewicz says:

Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us – we are so grateful to you!

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