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Who’s that CFL Staff Member?

We are back this month with a new staff member! Our staff member this month has been employed with UND for 10 years (both as a student and a staff member). He currently works in the Access Services department and has been a member of Boy Scouts of America for 30 years. Any guesses who that CFL staff member is?

It’s Chris Gasink!

Chris Gasink in a knights helmet and blue Japanese shirt

This month, we are talking with Chris Gasink, Access Services Specialist and go-to guy for all things access related.

Where did you go to school?

I’m homegrown, born and raised in the Grand Forks area. All my schooling was here, but I learned a lot with the Scouts at the campgrounds in the region.

What department or office do you work in at the Chester Fritz Library? Or what does a typical day for you look like at work?

Chris Gasink in a khaki shirt and brown fedora

I work in Access Services, which means I work a lot with patrons to do basic things in the library. This could include checking out or finding books, printing papers, fixing records, working with the physical collection, troubleshooting when when things don’t make sense and tech support for lots of little things around the library.

A lot of my day is coordinating with others, writing instruction guides, fixing stuff, and finding out how people can find and get the things they need. On top of that, I’m assisting Karlene Clark with supervision of students and training them to be effective workers in the library and in their future careers.

What made you want to work at a library?

I have always been a fan of books and of reading. In college, I had a job at the Chester Fritz Library doing back end work and in a tiny specialty library for public services. I like being able to help people in a professional sense and enable their journey to education. When my old career ended, I was glad to get a chance to work with people I know doing something I like.

What is your favorite spot in (or around) the Chester Fritz Library?

In college, I favored the 320 computer lab due to spots to plug in my laptop, good space to spread my study materials out, a nearby restroom, and if I needed to browse there was the oversized art books and airplane guides nearby. This area has changed quite a bit, but I still like it for the extensive movie collection.

If I need a spot away from my desk, I go for a study brody or a small table with a view, such as on the fourth floor.

What is the most interesting job you have ever had?

The current one [laughs] . Scouting is fun but is largely unpaid, as is being a gamemaster/ storyteller for RPGs.

While in school, did you have a favorite subject?

History and art have always been favorites of mine. Aviation Physiology with Warren Jensen and Intro to Sociology with Frank White stand out due to the instructors.

Who is your all-time favorite author? Why?

cover of Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen. His coming-of-age novels resonated with me when I was growing up. Hatchet was probably my favorite, but the books set in the past were of interest, to see how people lived back in the day. It helped with my appreciation of nature and taking a wholistic approach to life.

What is your favorite place to eat in Grand Forks (or nearby) and what do you usually order (or what would you recommend)?

The Blue Moose for chicken meisner [chicken stuffed with prosciutto and Gorgonzola cheese]. Or DogMahal Doghaus sometimes has a waffle buffet and musical performances, which I can listen to while browsing their comics and music recordings. Finally, if I’m in Fargo, I like Kroll’s Diner for the Knoephla Soup.

What superpower do you wish you had?

While the usual Superman powers would be super, I could use photographic memory to make remembering names, faces, and stories easier. A more humble superpower would be Endure Elements, being able to resist heat and cold without specialized clothes.

And to wrap it up, Chris’s favorite pocket monster is Farfetch’d (not pictured here due to copyright but it’s a bird who fights with a leek).

We will be back next month with another mystery CFL Staff Member! Who would you like to see interviewed?