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Blind Date with a Book

bird in overalls standing on a stack of wrapped books

Are you looking for ways to celebrate Library Lover’s Day? Searching for the perfect introverted date for Valentine’s? Look no further! Check out one of Chester Fritz Library’s blind dates. How does a blind date with a book work? We have picked six books that cover a wide variety of interests, are all in different genres, and could take up all (or none) of your time. They are now dressed up in gift wrap and feature a short, but clue filled dating profile. All you need to do is stop by the Popular Reading collection on the 2nd floor of the Chester Fritz Library between February 10th and February 17th, find a description you connect with, and check the book out using the barcode on the front of the book. Here are a couple hints about the identity of our blind dates:

  • One of these books is deeply interested in a subject you loved or hated as a kid
  • One of these books is a history buff and knows the origins of a common famous saying
  • One of these books is part of something bigger than itself
  • Two of these books are not usually enjoyed in February
  • One of these books is exactly what is you would expect

Remember, there are only 6 blind dates. Let us know if you are surprised by what you end up picking. Happy Library Lover’s Day!