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Alumni Q&A | Tammy Hoganson ’05

L-R: Summer Schauer ‘10 & UND Clinical Coordinator, Brooke Keller, Tammy Hoganson ’05, and Adrienne Carlson.

Tammy Hoganson, CRNA, a 2005 graduate of the University of North Dakota’s Nurse Anesthesia Program, has been a nurse for 32 years.

Tammy Hoganson has been a CRNA since 2005 and took over as the Director of Anesthesia Services at Sanford-Fargo in 2021, where she currently manages over 90+ CRNAs. Her department has 50+ operating rooms and anesthetizing areas and completed over 39,000 anesthetics last year.

We caught up with Tammy to hear about her journey from a UND Nurse Anesthesia student to her current leadership position.

You were an RN at Sanford Fargo for over 30 years. Why did you want to become a CRNA, and at what point did you decide to become a CRNA?
Working in the Interventional Radiology department, I felt that I was functioning as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse doing conscious sedation and other advanced duties or roles. I also really enjoyed working independently. Given everything that I was doing, the Nurse Anesthesia profession fit the role and had the autonomy I desired in a career. I looked at the role of the CRNA and decided to make it a career.

How did the education you received at UND help you through your career?
I look back and really wish I had those Masters courses earlier in my nursing career. It was eye opening for me as I love learning. It added to the skill set I had obtained during RN career and helped with my clinical judgment and made me a better clinician.

What was the transition like from a staff CRNA to your current role as the Director of Anesthesia service at an extremely busy Level I hospital?
I knew what I was getting myself in to from the beginning. Being a part of this system for 32 years, I developed a lot of connections. The difficult part was stepping away from clinical practice, but I really wanted to see this department succeed. I had good relationships with staff, physicians and other stakeholders. I saw so much opportunity for growth in this department and I’m not afraid of change.

As a CRNA manager, what skills and qualities do you look for when hiring a CRNA?
Number one- is this a good fit? Interviews start day one for students. Are they a strong APRN with sound clinical judgment? Are they honest, sincere, and hard working? I want providers who want to constantly learn and grow. Also, what can you bring to our department?

Do you have any advice for current or future students?
Keep your eye on the prize. This is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling professions but you get what you put it in to it. One day at a time and be sure to ask questions.

What advice do you have for aspiring CRNA leaders such as yourself?
Dig deep for patience. Learn to use your resources. Learn how to network and build relationships with people you trust.

Is there anything you tell yourself each morning before going to work?
I enjoy coming to work because I enjoy the direction our department is going. I really enjoy my job.

You graduated from the Nurse Anesthesia Program in 2005. What was your most memorable experience during your time at UND?
The support I received from the program and my classmates… I love the smaller setting of UND and the education I received was top notch.



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