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Dr. Jennifer Stoner Manuscript Accepted in the Journal of Consumer Psychology

Jennifer Stoner
Jennifer Stoner

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Jennifer Stoner, Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing for her recent manuscript accepted for publication in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Title: “Counterfeit Luxury Consumption in a Social Context: The Effects on Females’ Moral Disengagement and Behavior

Authors: Yajin Wang, Jennifer L. Stoner, Deborah Roedder John

Journal of Consumer Psychology – JQL Level 4




What happens when females use counterfeit luxury products in a social context? The authors show that counterfeit users view social interactions they have with other people as a possible signal that their counterfeit product has been judged to be an authentic luxury product (high authenticity signal) or a counterfeit product (low authenticity signal). Low (high) authenticity signals trigger higher (lower) levels of social anxiety, which results in decreases (increases) in moral disengagement. Further, the authors find that low (high) authenticity signals lead to lower (higher) purchase intentions and actual spending on counterfeit luxury goods. In a final study, the authors use these findings to develop a new anti-counterfeit advertising strategy, and show it to be effective in reducing females’ interest in purchasing counterfeit luxury products in the future.