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Dr. Sharon Sheridan Paper Accepted in the Journal of Human Performance

Dr. Sharon Sheridan

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Sharon Sheridan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Management for her recent paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Human Performance.

Title: “Intending to Leave But No Place to Go: An Examination of the Behaviors of Reluctant Stayers”

Authors: Sharon Sheridan (University of North Dakota), Craig Crossley (University of Central Florida), Ryan Vogel (Temple University), Marie Mitchell (University of Georgia), Rebecca Bennett (University of Central Florida)

Journal of Human Performance – JQL Level 3




We extend recent conceptual work on withdrawal states and develop a framework to examine behavioral tendencies of reluctant stayers (i.e., employees who desire to leave but cannot).  Although principles of self-interest suggest these employees ought to behave appropriately to maintain employment, reactance theory suggests the combination of high turnover intentions and low job alternatives may result in lower performance and greater deviance. Contrary to conventional wisdom but consistent with reactance theory, low perceived job alternatives strengthened the positive relationship between turnover intentions and deviance, as well as the negative relation between intentions to quit and task performance. Moderated-mediation analyses revealed the indirect effect of work frustration (via turnover intentions) was stronger on task performance and deviance when perceived job alternatives were low rather than high.