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2018-19 Faculty Lecture Series: Managing Ethics in Organizations: Current Issues, Opportunities and Challenges

Sean Valentine

2018-19 Faculty Lecture Series
Managing Ethics in Organizations: Current Issues, Opportunities and Challenges

Featuring: Sean Valentine, Department of Management

Wednesday, March 27
4 p.m. – Reception | 4:30 p.m. – Lecture
Memorial Union Lecture Bowl

Employees in various work settings and professions face different issues that have ethical implications, such as self-interest and honesty, workplace bullying and incivility, corporate social responsibility and citizenship, and whistleblowing. Individuals’ reactions to these issues are affected by their personal characteristics, key issue-contingent factors, and their work environments. Leaders should therefore develop workplaces that enhance the experiences of employees. In particular, positive human resource policies, organizational ethical practices, and transformative leadership styles can enhance individual work attitudes, as well as motivate employees to think and behave more ethically. The degree to which organizations institutionalize ethical values and satisfy important social responsibilities can also positively impact employee wellbeing, and this support can enhance how individuals perceive their jobs and the organization as a whole. This presentation highlights many of these issues and outlines some associated research.