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Dr. Sean Valentine, Professor of Management, received Best Paper Award from the Midwest Academy of Management

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Sean Valentine who will be presenting at the 2020 Annual Midwest Academy of Management Meeting, October 26-30, 2020. The paper has also received Best Paper Award from the Midwest Academy of Management!

Authors: Sean Valentine (University of North Dakota), Patricia Meglich (University of Nebraska Omaha), Robert Giacalone (John Carroll University)

Title: “Seeing Workplace Bullying Through a Glass Darkly: Organizational and Individual Ethics as Illuminating Factors”

Abstract: Workplace bullying is often framed an ethical issue, implying that organizational and individual ethics play a role in employees’ bullying perceptions and experiences. Drawing from several theories and conceptual perspectives, this study investigates the degree to which perceived organizational ethics, comprised of corporate ethical values and corporate social responsibility, is positively related to moral attentiveness and negatively related to moral disengagement. We further study the extent to which moral attentiveness and disengagement are positively related to perceptions of workplace bullying, as well as whether organizational ethics and bullying are negatively related. Using data containing time-lagged information, the results indicated that perceived social responsibility was positively related to moral attentiveness, the perceived ethical values construct was negatively related to moral disengagement, and both attentiveness and disengagement were variably and positively related to perceived workplace bullying. In addition, perceived social responsibility and ethical values were variably and positively related to bullying. Human resource managers and ethics professionals should institutionalize organizational ethical practices to improve individual ethics and reduce bullying