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Dr. Sean Valentine, Professor of Management, paper accepted in Human Resource Development Quarterly

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Sean Valentine, Professor of Management for his recent paper accepted in Human Resource Development Quarterly!

Title: “Workplace Bullying, Socially-Aversive Attitudes, Reduced Work Group Effectiveness, and Organizational Frustration”

Authors: Sean Valentine (University of North Dakota), Robert Giacalone (John Carroll University), and Gary Fleischman (Texas Tech University)

Journal: Human Resource Development Quarterly – JQL Level 3

Abstract: Given that workplace bullying can harm employees’ thoughts, perceptions, and experiences, this study explored how bullying triggers socially-aversive attitudes in victims, as well as diminished work group effectiveness and increased organizational frustration. Using time-lagged data collected from research panelists, the hierarchical regression results indicated that workplace bullying can lead to distrust of others, a self-focused strategy based on the belief that workplace advancement is political, and reduced work group cohesion and communication, ultimately resulting in organizational frustration. The managerial/practical and research implications of these findings and the connections to human resource development (HRD) are highlighted, including the need for managers and professionals to be involved in HRD to prevent and arrest workplace bullying. The research limitations and suggestions for future work are also presented.