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Dr. Jennifer Stoner, Assistant Professor of Marketing, presented research study for the American Marketing Association Winter Conference

Dr. Jennifer Stoner recently presented a study on “Luxury Goods Disposition: A Sustainability Perspective”  for the American Marketing Association Winter Conference. Authors include Jennifer Stoner (University of North Dakota), and Navdeep Athwal (University of Leicester).

An abstract of their work is as follows:
The second-hand luxury good market has continued to grow. While research has explored the motivations behind those who buy second-hand luxury items, none has studied the supply side, those who donate or sell items to the second hand luxury market. We find that money motivates luxury users to make more sustainable disposal decisions that is they are more likely to donate, sell, or give away the item rather than trash or hoard. Furthermore, disposing of a luxury good impacts decreases the likelihood to keep non-luxury items that are being disposed of simultaneously.