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Dr. Sean Valentine article accepted in the Journal for Business Education

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Sean Valentine for his article accepted in the Journal for Business Education.

Title: “Business School Deans’ and Accounting Chairs’ Perceptions of Strategic Consensus and Performance”

Journal: Journal of Education for Business (JQL Level 2)

Authors: Joshua Coyne (University of Memphis), Sean Valentine (University of North Dakota), and Kenton Walker (University of Memphis)

Abstract: Using survey data collected from business school deans/accounting department chairs, a scale measuring factors critical to the success of accounting programs and business schools was developed and tested, and perceptions of competitive performance and alignment of strategic priorities were evaluated. Results indicated that dimensions misaligned with past work and differed between deans/chairs. While strategic consensus was lacking, mutually-supportive strategies were pursued, and perceptions of competitive performance were unaffected.