Nistler CoBPA Faculty Research

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Nister College Faculty, Students & Alumni served on the UND Strategic Planning Committee’s Working Groups.

Through the Summer of 2022 and into the Fall of 2022, numerous Nistler College faculty & staff were part of the strategic planning efforts on the UND Strategic Planning Committee.

Sandy Braathen and Chih Ming Tan as well as Nistler Alumni Paul Korus served on the UND Strategic Planning Committee’s Creativity, Discovery, and Innovation (CDI) Working Group. Additional faculty involved in working groups included Jen Stoner (Strategic Planning Committee), Tiffany Ford (Co-chair of the Collaboration and Engagement Working Group), Roberto DeMagalhaes (Fostering Equity and Inclusive Excellence), Pat O’Neill and Kay Powell (Student Success through Academic Excellence), David Flynn (UND Community: Climate And Collage), along with numerous graduate and undergraduate students.

The CDI Working Group was responsible for essentially articulating priorities as well as developing plans and policies regarding research and creative activities for UND’s new Strategic Plan. It was wonderful that both Nistler faculty and alumni were given the opportunity to provide key input into that process!