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Nistler College Alumnus Abdulelah Darandary leverages skills learned at UND as a Lead Researcher at KAPSARC

Abdulelah Darandary

At the Nistler College, our faculty are continuously generating research in top tier journals, and embarking on studies that create an impact on our city, state, and nation.

In addition, supporting the generation of student based research, and collaborations with faculty, continue to advance the research portfolio of the Nistler College. One of our many success stories includes Abdulelah Darandary, Bachelors of Banking and Financial Economics,’16 and Masters in Applied Economics, ’18.

Darandary is originally from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. While attending UND he was immersed into the field of research, and now currently works as the Lead Researcher at the Energy Marco and Microeconomics department for KAPSARC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Darandary for a brief Q & A about his time at UND and how it prepared him for his current role:

What made you choose UND?

I chose UND because of its academic excellence, faculty, facilities, and interactive student-to-teacher ratios. At some point, I was going to attend other big Universities. However, I decided to attend UND after discovering that big universities would limit your interaction with professors due to how big the classes are. UND was one of the best decisions of my life.

What experiences did you have as a student regarding research initiatives?

We were consistently asked to read research papers and critique them during the MSAE program. The program is very hands-on, the faculty are well-recognized researchers in various fields, and they can push students to uncover nuances in analysis that help us reach the accurate findings of research papers.

Did you further pursue additional research avenues following graduation?

I am a lead researcher of the Energy, Macro- and Microeconomics department at KAPSARC, an advisory-think tank center in energy economics. I lead the project on behavioral economics to energy policymaking in Saudi Arabia. I primarily work with econometric modeling. My research focuses are on macroeconomics and energy, counterfactual analysis, international trade and investment flows, financial development, and public policy. My work has been published in several peer-reviewed journals.

How have those experiences impacted you today in your current role?

My experience at UND helped me tailor my skills to suit my job effectively. I am forever grateful for the quality of education still with me today.

Do you plan to pursue further research/publications in the future?

I love research, and I will do it for a long time.

Any advice you would give to a student considering UND?

The University of North Dakota is an excellent choice for many reasons. It offers various academic programs, from traditional liberal arts to cutting-edge research and technology. The university strongly commits to student success with its small class sizes, dedicated faculty, and comprehensive student services. Additionally, the university is in Grand Forks, North Dakota, a safe and welcoming community with plenty of recreational activities and cultural attractions. Finally, the university has an affordable tuition rate that makes it accessible to students from all backgrounds.