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INSPIRATIONAL STAFF NAVIGATING THE CRISIS: UND NCoBPA Pancratz Career Development Center finds innovative ways to connect with students and employers

Our UND Nistler College of Business & Public Administration staff continue to be leaders in crisis.

UND NCoBPA Pancratz Career Development Center finds innovative ways to connect with students and employers virtually.

Q & A with Kathy Lund, Director of the Pancratz Career Development Center

Kathy Lund. Director of PCDC (L) Kathleen Kittridge, Career Coach (R)

What changes has the PCDC made to serve students and employers virtually?

We have been working with students through Zoom, email, and phone calls. Zoom is a great way to stay connected with students as we can still hold regular appointments and meet “face to face” virtually.

We’ve been reaching out to employers to see if they have opportunities we can share with students. As the job market is continually evolving in response to COVID-19, we will continue to be a resource for employers. We love to collaborate with them to find innovative ways to connect with students.


How are you seeing businesses adapt their recruiting processes due to social distancing?

Employers are working hard to stay connected with students and to find ways to adapt to this new environment. One great example of this is the upcoming UND Accounting Virtual Field Trip which we are working on with Dr. Kate Campbell, the Department of Accountancy Chair. Dr. Campbell has reached out to employers who we would have visited during our in-person field trip to Minneapolis and coordinated virtual meetings with each firm. Employers are excited about this opportunity to uniquely represent their firms and to connect with students. Participating in this event will give students the opportunity to stand out in the recruiting process.

Employers are conducting interviews virtually and developing online onboarding. We’ve seen employers move internships which were already in progress to working remotely. It’s fantastic to see how they have quickly adapted to ensure the safety of their workforce, including their interns.


Advice for students entering the job market?

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for students to develop and execute a strategy for their job searches. As we always recommend, every resume and cover letter must be tailored specifically to the job and the company. Research the company before you apply so that you can articulate why you’re applying. Your resume and cover letter need to provide detail on how you fit the position requirements as well as demonstrate why you’re a good fit for the organization.

LinkedIn is a fantastic online resource, and it enables us to continue growing our networks, learn about companies, and apply for jobs. Do a profile check-up. Is your “About” section well written, and does it articulate what you have to offer? Does your profile include key skills that recruiters in your industry are seeking? This can be determined by looking at several job in your field and profiles of people who have those types of positions. Determine with whom you’d like to connect and do so with a personalized connection request.

Because interviews will likely be virtual, it’s important to practice this type of interviewing. We have an excellent resource called InterviewStream that enables students to practice virtual interviews and have them reviewed by Pancratz Center staff. We can also conduct mock interviews with students through Zoom. Students need to understand their strengths and be able to articulate them, and we can help them with that. This tool also allows us to give tips on nonverbal communication which is an integral part of every interview.

The Pancratz Center is here to help as students navigate this new, rapidly changing environment. We can help students develop and execute their job search strategies, and we’ll partner with them every step of the way.

Thank you Pancratz Center for showing exceptional service to our students, alumni, and employers during these uncertain times!