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Junior Shares her Experience Thus Far at UND, Including her Involvement on the Sales Team

HeadshotTaylor Lemmerman is a junior from Wayzata, MN who is a Marketing major with a Professional Sales minor at the Nistler College. On campus, she is a captain on the UND Sales Team and does event planning and marketing for Study Abroad. When asked why she chose her program, her response was, “I knew since high school I wanted to get business, but then I took a social media marketing class in high school, where I entered a national marketing simulation competition and won first place for the state of Minnesota. From there, I knew I had a passion and interest in marketing, so when it came to deciding what college to attend, I looked into the marketing program and sales programs. At the time, UND and one other university were the only ones that offered a sales minor. I had previously worked in recruiting and wanted to grow my sales knowledge.”

She has enjoyed her time at UND thus far and exclaims, “The Nistler CoBPA has provided me with so many different opportunities!” When touring UND, Taylor has the opportunity to shadow a student and sit in on Professor Elizabeth Albin’s marketing class. She had the chance to speak with Professor Albin and was convinced that UND would be a place where she felt welcomed and could call home. Additionally, Taylor has had great experiences with the Pancratz Center, where she has met with staff to review her resume and was given helpful advice to improve the look of her resume. Taylor has also shopped at the Pancratz closet for business apparel for various events, such as sales competitions. Taylor also noted that during her time here, “The Marketing professors I have had so far are understanding and passionate about what they teach.”

Since the fall of 2022, Taylor has been an active member of the UND Sales Team. With only having some prior experience, she was able to grow her social skills, drive for success, and confidence by competing at competitions. She exclaimed, “I am proud to be the sales team captain after finishing a rewarding year.” Throughout her time on the team, she has had the opportunity to lead, mentor, and learn with her peers along the way.

Taylor’s favorite memory since joining has been working as a team. “During competitions, it can be stressful and time-consuming. But knowing as a team, we are all doing it together helps. For example, after doing a roleplay, feeling confident that it was good is the best feeling. Because leading up to it, you put so much time into studying and practicing. Then you get to present your findings, which is your time to shine and show off your knowledge and skills.”

Taylor’s plans for this summer include interning at Polaris as a Marketing Intern doing social media and owned content. She is excited to learn more and use her skills in this role!