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Micah Bruggeman Does It All

About Micah Bruggeman

Micah Bruggeman is a junior from Joplin, MO on the Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams at UND, specializing in the Mile and the 800M.  He is a student at the Nistler College of Business & Public Administration, where he double majors in Business Management and Accounting.  Micah says that the hardest part about being a student-athlete is time management between classes, sports, working, and personal life, but he has still been able to be involved in many activities ​​at UND.  

Micah transferred to the University of North Dakota in the fall of 2023, and he said that UND stood out to him because his coach, Tom Scott, made him feel valued because he was personable and honest with him, and by coming to UND, he can be closer to family.  Micah also has family ties to UND, with his mother and father both being student-athletes in their time here as well

Micah Bruggeman
Micah Bruggeman

When asked what it means to him to compete for the same university that his parents did, Micah said, “My mom competed in Basketball and Volleyball here at UND, while my dad competed in Track & Field during that same time. Later on, my parents came back to UND where my mom was the Head Coach of the Volleyball team for 8 years. During that time, my dad was an Assistant Athletic Director. Competing at my parent’s Alma Mater is truly something special. I take a lot of pride in my parents’ legacies and all they have contributed to the University. Many times a week I meet people who recognize me for my last name.”  


Micah’s Involvement

Micah is very involved in the Nistler College, seizing as many opportunities as he can.  He attended the Pancratz Center’s Professional Career Closet Spring Blowout Event and added some new pieces of clothing to his closet.  He was also able to get some tips for LinkedIn profiles from Kathy Lund, which helped him level up his profile.  Bruggeman also owns his own business, Campus Comfort Rentals.  He competed with this company in the Middleton 2-Minute Pitch Competition, where he won the Hustle Award and won $1,000 toward the development of his business.  He also works in the Middleton School of Entrepreneurship and Management conducting research with his boss, Kathy Kenyon. 

Micah is also involved at UND outside of the Nistler College, participating in the Runway Accelerator Program.  This program has helped him to develop his business and gives him access to a $10,000 grant to put toward his business.  Even with all of this on his plate, Bruggeman still finds time to work at the Wellness Center as a Rec League Official and Supervisor.  

Micah’s Favorite Parts of the Nistler College

When asked what his favorite things about Nistler College are, Bruggeman said, “My favorite thing is working in the Middleton School of Entrepreneurship and Management every morning conducting research with my boss Kathleen Kenyon and the rest of the professors in the office. I would also like to give a special shoutout to Brady McCrae as a great professor I’ve had in both my semesters since I transferred in.”  He has been very supported by the staff, specifically his advisor Jackie Schofield.  Jackie helped Micah when had just transferred to UND two weeks before school started and was not enrolled in any classes yet.  She helped him get enrolled as well as create a guideline for him to follow for the rest of his time here at UND. With her help, Micah is now back on track to graduate with the degrees that he wants.  

Since coming to UND, Bruggeman has been able to find a healthy balance between sports, school, and all of the other activities that he is involved in.  He says, “didn’t realize how hard this was going to be. I really have been trying to apply myself this year, and it’s been working out great. Loving the things I am involved in is what makes doing so much possible. Many days, practice is the best part of my day so it’s never hard to find motivation. The best part about being actively involved is that you meet so many new people which makes it all worth it.”  

Micah has many options that he can explore when it comes to his career path.  He will be in Minneapolis, MN this summer working as an Insurance Brokerage Intern with Hub International, and he is hoping that this internship could lead to a job offer.   His career goals in the meantime are “to develop my business (Campus Comfort Rentals) and see where that takes me.”  Bruggeman says he is open to all different kinds of career paths and is looking for any new business ventures to make a positive impact on the world.