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Chili Challenge: Just One Reason Why Living on Campus is Hot

Each fall at UND, the annual Chili Challenge is held at Wilkerson Commons. Take a look at students breaking into a sweat while sampling the different varieties of hot, spicy chill in the hopes of winning a T-shirt. And it’s just one of the many traditions we have that makes living on campus so much fun for students.

Besides the fun and social aspects of living on campus, we believe having students live on campus, especially during their first year, will set the foundation for student success. By living on campus, students generate a sense of belonging and build a community for themselves. UND research shows that on-campus students:

  • Achieve academic success and have higher GPAs than off-campus students.
  • Live with people who care about their success, such as residence hall staff members and fellow students.
  • Experience top-of-the-line UND facilities.
  • Enjoy many amenities of living on campus, including high-speed Internet, cable television, laundry and unlimited access to the dining centers.

UND requires that all first-year students live in a residence hall on campus for their first, full academic year. First-year students are defined as undergraduate students who:

  • Enroll full-time at UND within one year of their high school graduation or equivalent.
  • Have less than 24 transferable college-level credits. (Transferable credits earned while still in high school, including dual credit and AP credits, will not be counted towards this total.)

Residence Hall Application

The Fall 2018 residence hall application is now available. The sooner your student applies, the better the chance of getting his or her top residence hall choice.