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Don’t Pay for College Twice! Get College Transcripts to UND

Before students register for classes at Orientation, it’s very important that our advisors are aware of any college-level credits they may have earned in high school.

If we don’t have students’ official college transcripts on file, the college credits already completed won’t be able to be transferred to UND. This could cause students to have to retake classes and end up paying twice for these credits.

If students attended high school in North Dakota, they will not need to send us their college-level transcripts if their schools use the e-Transcript system.

Keep in mind the following when requesting transcripts:

  • High school transcripts do not include official information on college credits earned (unless the high school uses the e-Transcript system).
  • High schools are not able to request college transcripts for students.
  • Colleges and universities charge a minimal fee ($5 to $10) to provide official transcripts.

Students should request their official transcripts be sent directly to UND as soon as grades are posted and at least 2 weeks prior to coming to Orientation. If students are unable to submit their official transcripts prior to Orientation, they should bring a copy with them.

Updated High School Transcripts

In addition to official college transcripts, if students have updated high school transcripts, they should be sent to UND no later than August 1.

Students should send updated high school transcripts if they had a GPA that didn’t quite meet UND’s academic scholarship criteria when they applied and have increased their GPA since then. If this is the case for students, they should send their updated transcripts to the UND Office of Admissions right away.

All transcripts can be sent to this address:

UND Office of Admissions
3501 University Avenue – Stop 8357
Grand Forks, ND 58202