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Soccer star has game on field and in science

UND soccer standout Katie Moller is sure to be a force to be reckoned with once she graduates this year with a double major in physics and communication.

That’s because the woman from West Linn, Ore., is as much a star in the classroom and as a volunteer as she is on the field. The 2018 Summit League Offensive Player of the Year never has been one to give up easily.

“No matter what, you take your chances because you don’t know what will happen,” Moller said recently, as she reminisced about how an errant kick once scored a goal. “I think that was the epitome of my career here. No matter what, you need to keep trying.”

Keeping up with a scientific education, a second major, countless volunteer hours and her soccer matches was daunting at times, and some peers and teachers even encouraged her to focus on academics. Excelling at all of it sounded unfeasible, but Moller proved them wrong.

“I live in the physics classroom, and I live on the soccer field,” Moller said. “In the classroom, I am the jock, and at practice, I am the nerd. I am most proud that I never let anyone tell me who I should be.”

People may try to define her, but one thing is certain. Moller is a leader in action.