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Higher education is even more valuable now

This year’s worldwide pandemic certainly has thrown the U.S. economy for a loop. And one way your student can position themselves during these uncertain times is to earn at least a bachelor’s degree. Unemployment rates are drastically higher for those with less education. In some instances, those with a bachelor’s degree or higher have unemployment rates less than half of those with a high school diploma (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Though the unemployment rate is on a comeback, it’s still unclear what the economy will look like after the pandemic. The struggle may continue for those just starting their careers. Your student can gain the advantage by furthering their education. Earning a bachelor’s degree can help with job stability in an uncertain economy.


Unemployment by Educational Attainment
Unemployment by Educational Attainment

How can we help? UND makes obtaining a four-year degree attainable, especially for those suffering hardships. We are committed to keeping affordable with some of the lowest costs in the nation. Our tuition rates are based on where you live, degree type and the number of credits you take. Fees are included and upfront, so there are no surprises. We also automatically award more than 2,000 academic scholarships totaling nearly $7.8 million each year. Your student won’t have to spend hours filling out applications for our other scholarships. We make it easy to apply to more than 800 scholarships with Scholarship Central.

Choosing to start or even continue an education may be the easiest (and most economical) decision you and your student make all year.