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From follower to leader

Lauren McCreary always thought she was more of a follower than a leader. And at least in the matters of birth order and college choice, she was right.

A Grand Forks native, McCreary was the fourth and youngest child in the family. Her eldest brother — 10 years her senior — had graduated from the University of North Dakota, as did the brother and sister who followed.

“I guess I had grown up knowing UND all my life,” McCreary said. “They sort of paved the way for me, so when it came to applying for college, UND kind of felt like a no-brainer.”

But what she didn’t know three years ago was just how far she would come. Today, the UND junior majoring in business management is the one paving the way for others.

As a somewhat reserved freshman, McCreary said she never would have dreamed she one day could serve as a student ambassador, be awarded two internships — including one at Walt Disney World — or lead Bek Hall as a resident assistant.

Yet, she’s done it all. And she’s not finished yet.

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