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Grad Keeps Door Open, Walks Right Into Success

Lauren Cain of Oxbow, N.D., believes in keeping an open mind and an open door. She’s game to go anywhere and try anything.

While Cain studied Marketing and Operations & Supply Chain Management, she also lived it as an intern at Black Gold Farms.

For the first six months on the job, Cain managed and dispatched 20 trucks a week to fulfill contracts across the country. The results of her research led the company to buy its own trucks and hire its own drivers — a decision that increased profits and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not too shabby for a part-time intern.

And that wasn’t the only door UND opened for Cain. It was equally important for her to help thousands of other students make their own impact while working at UND’s Pancratz Career Development Center.

“One extremely helpful service to me was called Strength Finders,” Cain said. “Recognizing my strengths really opened my eyes to how I could be more of a team player and leader in my clubs and organizations. “I learned invaluable skills on how to interact with companies, adults, students and everyone around me.”

But so much of success really comes down to people and making connections, Cain said.

I always made a point to connect with my professors,” she said. “They’ll go out of their way to help you succeed.”

Cain’s final advice? Work hard. Stay busy. Always keep your door open.

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