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Miss Wright Is Happy You’re Here

At a time when teachers are more needed than ever, Taylor Wright is putting her students first.

This summer she inscribed the following sentence in gold letters on the wall opposite her classroom door: I’m Happy You’re Here!

Miss Wright’s fifth grade class will see that message every time they walk in.

“I just hope my students know that no matter what happens during the day, I’m happy they’re here.”

“I knew that being a teacher was something I wanted to do. I also had great teachers growing up, and I knew I wanted to do what they did. Because they made work look fun; they made teaching look like the best job — which it is.”

The Chaska, Minn., native knew the University of North Dakota would be the right fit for her when something clicked during her campus visit. Once she enrolled, she made the most of her time by getting involved. The self-described “band geek” joined the marching band and started playing at hockey games. She says it was the highlight of her college experience.

Studying for a career in education, Taylor learned that every child carries a personal backpack of experiences and emotions. It is the job of a teacher to support that child and work to understand what’s in the backpack. Empathy trumps methodology.

She credits her UND professors for preparing her to meet individual students’ needs.

Her first year teaching full-time will bring new challenges, but Miss Wright is excited to make a difference.

“I want to be that adult, that special person, in hopefully one kid’s life.”

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