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Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarship Central by Feb. 1

Have your students applied for financial aid yet? The application for filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid for the 2023-24 academic year is still open. All your students need to do is gather their family’s 2021 tax forms and log onto to begin their application. 

The priority deadline to apply is Feb. 1, but the experts say the quicker the better. 

That’s because the FAFSA is what determines your students’ eligibility for all kinds of financial aid — state, federal and institutional — and includes everything from grants to scholarships, loans to work study, and waivers. Here’s what you and your students need to know: 

  • Students and families can learn more about FAFSA and the whole financial aid process on UND’s website. 
  • Students should include Federal Code 003005 on their FAFSA if they’d like UND to consider their eligibility status. 
  • You never should assume a student will not qualify for aid. Many factors other than income, such as family size, come into play. 

But probably the most important thing for students to remember is to apply. The second most important? Apply early. No matter how generous the aid, it never lasts forever. 

Scholarship Central 

Don’t forget to have your students also complete their Scholarship Central applications. Once students are admitted to UND, all they need to do is fill out one easy application by the Feb. 1 deadline, and the database automatically will match them with all the scholarships for which they qualify.