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UND offers many part-time employment opportunities

UND’s Student Employment program provides part-time job opportunities for your student to help finance their education and gain other educational benefits.

Student employees experience:

  • Competitive pay and flexible work schedules in a wide range of options — both short and long term.
  • Internships and positions that sometimes last throughout college.
  • Professional experience to open career opportunities after graduation.
  • Better work/life balance and more engaged student life.
  • Valuable networking within their field (though they can work in any field that interests them).

Types of on-campus student jobs:

  • Non-Work Study jobs (institutional employment)
    Any UND student can be employed as an institutional student employee. Institutional employment is offered to students enrolled in at least one credit. It’s not based on financial need. Positions are available on campus, and wages vary depending on the job.
  • Work Study jobs
    Federal Work Study may be available if your student demonstrates financial need through their FAFSA. A work study award indicates your student is eligible to seek FWS employment. However, it’s not a guarantee of a job.

Talk to your student about the benefits of on-campus employment. If you or your student have any questions, contact One-Stop Student Services by phone at 701.777.1234 or email at