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Benefits of ROTC

Our Air Force and Army ROTC students at the University of North Dakota receive world-class leadership training and experience camaraderie that is second to none.

Students can participate in ROTC without any obligation for the first two years. As a member of ROTC, your student is not in the military and will not be deployed while in school. They will have the choice to join the military if they’d like.

Graduate on time and nearly debt free.

If your student accepts an ROTC scholarship or goes on contract, they could enjoy many benefits during and after school:

  • They can request to serve on active duty in the Army, Air Force or Space Force upon graduation. Or they may serve in the Reserve or National Guard.
  • In-state tuition rate regardless of residency, plus money for books each semester.
  • Monthly stipends:
    • Army ROTC: $420
    • Air Force ROTC: $300 – $500
  • Additional scholarships are available for aerospace, engineering and nursing majors.

Learn more about UND’s ROTC Programs.

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