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Military Scholarships

Maximize Military Education Benefits at UND

One in seven UND students is an active-duty military service member, veteran or military dependent  earning their degree with the support of military benefits. At the University of North Dakota, we are proud to support the educational journeys of all military-affiliated students with a range of education benefits designed to make their academic pursuits more accessible and affordable.

In-State Tuition for Military Affiliates: UND offers in-state tuition rates for all on-campus programs to active-duty military, National Guard, Reserves, veterans, dependents and contracted ROTC cadets. All you have to do is indicate your military affiliation on your application.

Consistent Online Program Costs: Online learners at UND enjoy a flat rate per credit, ensuring fair and consistent tuition costs, regardless of military status or residency.

Active-Duty Military Tuition Rate: UND supports active-duty military (not including guard or reserve) pursuing undergraduate degrees with a special $250 per credit rate, applicable with the Federal Tuition Assistance (TA) benefits.

*Active-duty military tuition rates are not valid for any Aerospace, Graduate, Law and Medical Programs or self-paced enroll anytime (SPEA) online courses.

Direct Admission for Honorably Discharged: Honorably discharged service members that meet admission requirements can take advantage of UND’s Direct Admit option.

Veterans Affairs Chapters Benefits: Eligible service members, veterans and certain dependents receive financial support for undergraduate and graduate degrees at UND. VA benefits cover tuition, fees, books, flight programs, housing and more.

College Credit for Military Training: Current members and veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces can receive college credit for military training through the General Education Requirement Transfer Agreement (GERTA). Over 130 approved military courses align with UND’s general education categories.

Scholarships for Dependents of Deceased and Disabled Veterans: In partnership with the Heart of America Patriot Foundation, UND provides scholarships for dependents of deceased and 100% disabled veterans. Applications for this scholarship and any others can be submitted through Scholarship Central by the March 1 deadline each year.

If you are an active-duty military service member, veteran or part of a military-affiliated family, we encourage you to apply now and let UND support you on your education journey. For more details and tuition estimates, visit the UND Military Tuition webpage.