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The official Fighting Hawk has landed

Fierce, green-feathered and with a lot of fanfare, UND’s first official mascot took to the field at UND’s recent Homecoming/Potato Bowl football showdown against Idaho State.

The exuberant Fighting Hawk led the team out of the tunnel, worked the crowd, danced to the UND fight song and perched for selfies throughout the game.

“It couldn’t take two steps without somebody wanting to interact with it,” Associate Athletic Director Kyle Doperalski said. “I’m not even sure it made it to the other side of the stadium, even though we had a schedule of where it was supposed to go.”

Well, he is a fledgling. Give him a chance to make a few avian friends, and he’ll get there faster as the crow flies next time. Caw! Caw! Go to UND Today for full story and pics!