Counselor Fundamentals

Information for high school counselors about the University of North Dakota, its admission process and deadlines.

Top 10 academic majors

With 225+ programs at UND, we have quite a few academic paths for your students to choose. Let your students know about Focus 2, a software system that assesses interests in relation to academic strengths, values, skills, personality and leisure. It can be a great tool for helping them choose a major. Below are our top 10 programs here at UND and the links for you to explore more. 

  1. Commercial Aviation
  2. Psychology
  3. Nursing
  4. General Studies
  5. Mechanical Engineering
  6. Marketing
  7. Elementary Education
  8. Social Work
  9. Biology
  10. Communication

Maybe your students has known they wanted to be a doctor since they were 5 years old. Or maybe they dream of being the CEO of their own company. Maybe they’re still undecided. No worries.

With 225+ academic programs, UND has something for everyone. Our medical school is the only one in North Dakota, and our business school ranks in the top 5% worldwide. No matter what your student wants to do, they’ll have a chance to lead their own way at UND.