Counselor Fundamentals

Information for high school counselors about the University of North Dakota, its admission process and deadlines.

Save time with accelerated degrees

College graduates who dream of landing a high-level job at premium pay straight out of school can increase their chances by putting an extra “M” (for master’s) on their resume.

Of course, they have to earn it first.

Accelerated and combined degrees allow your student to graduate from UND with their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years. UND has 25 accelerated and combined degree options for your student to explore. Graduates from these programs graduate with less debt and enter the workforce faster than those who choose separate programs. 

Your student can explore accelerated programs like accountancy, civil engineering, dietetics, public affairs, psychology and many more!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, your student could earn an average of $228 more per week from getting a Master’s degree. That’s nearly an extra $12,000 a year from one more year of school with our accelerated programs. 

Once your student starts at UND in the fall, they’ll connect with an advisor who will help them stay on course for the accelerated or combined program.

During their junior year, they become eligible to apply for admissions to the UND School of Graduate Studies. Next, they complete the additional course requirements before earning both degrees at the same time.

Ready to lead, they enter the work world with more opportunities and a distinct competitive advantage.