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Native Dancer- Regalia Update, Male Regalia

Author: Ariann Rousu – Native Dancer Digital Artist

This week has involved working with a mix of tasks revolving around Native Dancer (ND) and moving forward with the project. First, discussing male Regalia designs with the ND Advisory committee and mainly working on drawing out and executing the first designs to be shared. Along with this I have focused this week on refining more of the street clothing and Jingle Dresses to prepare for adding motion to the characters. I put on hold trying to move the clothing from Marvelous Designer (MD) into Character Creator 4 (CC4) as I will be on the UND campus next week to trouble shoot and work out some of the problems I have been having in the Ai and Virtual Reality Lab.

I started the process for the Native Dancer Male regalia designing the same way we discussed the Jingle Dress design. First, we made a choice on what type of dancer I would be designing for: this is important to consider as there are different and district categories for each of the dancers. We discussed types of dancers such as Men’s traditional (which can vary), Men’s fancy Dancing, and Men’s Grass dancing. As a collective, the committee and I leaned more toward making a Grass Dance regalia for our first option. The reason we made this choice were that this type of regalia can be more easily represented at this point in our process. From there I did my own research and began making sketches. I will be sharing those sketches with the Advisory committee this week.

Native Dancer- Male Regalia Early Sketch

As I have been making modifications and making sure all the past clothing designs will be easy to work with next week on campus. I have noticed the second jingle dress is taking longer, the Jingle files uploaded to the dress are taking longer to place and simulate. Often when simulated they get off center from the material and need to be toggled with. This was less of a problem with the first dress, and I think it might be from the curved shape on the second dress where the jingles will lay. Straighter lines seem to work better to add multiple hanging objects to, I will be keeping this in mind while making the Male Regalia.