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Native Dancer- Regalia Update

Author: Ariann Rousu – Native Dancer Digital Artist

Currently, both jingle dress pieces are close to completion, and my main goal is successfully moving them from Marvelous Designer (MD) back into Character Creator 4 (CC4). I have accomplished moving a jingle dress into Marvelous Designer as a Prop and have it fit to the Character. Unfortunately, this does not allow me to transfer skin weights. Without the transferring of skin weights, the dress will not move with the character.

Native Dancer Project- Back Of Jingle Dress 1
Native Dancer Project- Front of Jingle Dress 2

If I upload the Obj. file as an accessory, I am able to transfer skin weights. With that, I am trying to successfully upload dress or any piece of clothing like this. So far, each attempt has uploaded with a glitch. You can see the differences with both a prop imported Obj. file, and an accessory imported Obj. File in the photo below. There is an option to upload cloths with a Fbx. file, I plan on trying to upload the dress that way to see if it goes smoother and can transfer skin weights.

Native Dancer Project- First Attempts, Jingle Dress in CC4 (Prop – Right, Accessory – Left)

Both photos shown above uploaded differently, and were not fully successful yet, I will also be going back into marvelous designer and cleaning up a few things before exporting another dress. Even though the full shape of the dress did upload as a prop and we can see it on the fully colored character, the graphics applied to the dress did not upload with the dress. When looking at the mesh as a prop, it is denser in areas where it should be such as where the jingles are. This tells me that the mesh did transfer well as an Obj file. When uploaded as an accessory, the graphics do show up in areas, however pieces of the dress are missing. I hope to find fixes to this by experimenting more with each program and doing some research online.