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Native Dancer: Preparing for Motion

Author: Ariann Rousu – Native Dancer Digital Artist

In the past few weeks, I have shifted focus back to mainly working on the Jingle Dress regalia. My current goal is to have the female character fully equipped with Jingle dress attire, Moccasins, and a few accessories. I am also working on attaching Jingles in Character Creator after we have her fully dressed. I have been able to attach a jingle previously, by attaching the jingle to move with the skeletal body of the character. Once the female character is complete, we will be motion capturing Jingle dress dances to apply to the character.  

Native Dance Project- Jingle Dress with Moccasins in CC4

So far, the female character is fully dressed in basic moccasins and has no jingles on the dress. The Top and shoes have been skin weighted well, however there are still areas of the skirt that have skin that peaks through the clothing in certain motions. I am working on fixing this before attaching the jingles. 

Working in Marvelous designer, the moccasins simulated great and transferred to CC4 similarly to the clothing pieces. Now I am experimenting with creating hair pieces to apply to the female character. Additionally, I have been able to create a second hair style option for this character with two braids instead of one. Next, I will be working on designing other accessories for the dancer to either wear or hold. This process will work similarly to creating the jingles, as I plan to use other 3D modeling software to create these objects. I hope to meet with the advisory team again soon to discuss what specific accessories will be included before I fully execute having a complete jingle dress dancer.

Native Dancer Project- Female Hair Style 2