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Native Dancer: Male Regalia Update

Author: Ariann Rousu – Native Dancer Digital Artist

There have been some major changes with the Male regalia since I last shared what it looked like. After sharing the first images of the male regalia with the advisory board, and we have discussed changes to be made. Instead of having fringe that goes all the way down the sleeves, we decided to shorten it to the shoulder portion, and equipped the male dancer with cuffs around the wrist and forearm. I also have been able to apply the 2D patterns that were made in photoshop to create the designs in the fabric. Below you can see the side beside differences in the designs.  

Native Dancer Project- Male Regalia Updates

Additionally, I have started to transfer the Male Dancer regalia pieces into Character Creator 4(CC4) to begin fitting them to the character. It looks okay so far; however, I would like to try to reupload each piece in a different order and with the clothing fit more properly to each piece. As you can see the basic moccasins on the male dancer in CC4 are on top of the leg cuffs. This happened because I uploaded the moccasins after the clothing. I will begin with the moccasins first next time, so they layer more smoothly.

When I first moved the male regalia pieces into CC4, I exported each piece separately as it hung on the character in Marvelous Designer (MD). I also think it would work better if I exported each piece as they all hung together on the character. This way they will upload into CC4 already more conformed to each other in shape.  

Native Dancer Project- Male Regalia First Motion Attempts In CC4

As far as motion goes, the skin weighting of the regalia has worked great and there have been minimal issues with the body fitting in the clothing with motion. The biggest obstacle I am facing moving forward regarding the clothing is how it hangs in areas of the fringe. I plan on exploring more options as far as soft cloth physics go in CC4 along with trying to accomplish this in other programs as I am actively learning Maya and Unreal engine through the tutorials in both of their most recent physical book releases. I hope to share more about my learning experiences in Maya and Unreal in the future on the blogs.