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Major and Minor Equipment Annual Inventory ELECTRONIC Submission Process

Did you know that every department who has major or minor equipment inventory or both has a dedicated staff member who serves as the inventory contact with asset management?  These inventory coordinators work diligently to verify major and minor equipment annually. The inventory coordinator verifies the inventory, signs the inventory form and then electronically routes the form to the department head or supervisor for review and signature.

The department head or supervisor receives an automated e-mail with a link directing them to the signature page. The email also contains information regarding approving the inventory.  Once the department head reviews, signs, and clicks submit on the verification report, the inventory is complete.

Both the inventory coordinator who submitted the verification report for review and the department head or supervisor who approved the verification report receive an automated email that the report has been submitted to asset management and the process is complete.

Asset management reviews the electronic submission files for completeness.  If required information is not contained within the submission, asset management contacts the inventory coordinator to correct.

If the inventory coordinator receives a notice that minor or major inventory or both was not complete, step-by-step directions to complete the process can be found in the annual minor inventory step-by-step guide or the major inventory step-by-step guide.

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