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Updated Information & Forms for Tracking COVID-19 Personnel Effort & Lost Revenue

April 2nd Update:    Personnel Effort and Lost Revenue Forms are to be emailed at the end of each month to Linda Olson, UND’s Risk Management Officer,   Please copy Sharon Loiland on these emails.    

As a reminder, UND is using the program code 0COVD in PeopleSoft to track additional/unavoidable pandemic related expenses.

We are using two forms to assist with tracking personnel effort and lost revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  These forms are located on the Finance webpage.

  • Personnel Effort Form:  This form is used for tracking personnel effort/time related to the outbreak.  ONLY use this form to track normal work hours  spent specifically on COVID-19 related work activity.  This is time that is normally incurred, but effort is now being spent on work issues related to the pandemic.  DO NOT use this form for tracking overtime or additional incurred salary.  Overtime and additional salary will be tracked within the payroll system.
  • Lost Revenue Form: Use this form when tracking lost revenue that is not available in the general ledger such as Dining Services retail operations that are no longer open, ticket sales to sporting events that are no longer being sold, and event cancellations where no revenue has yet been collected.  This form is Not needed if the lost revenue is transactional and can be coded to the general ledger using the new program code 0COVD (example: refunds issued to a student account or refunds issued due to an event cancellation where the revenue has already been collected).

Please contact Sharon Loiland, or Laura Knox, with questions.

Sharon Loiland, Controller