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Jaggaer: Comments & Emails

Now that we’ve been live for Jaggaer, those departments that have placed orders have started to see some emails come across to them.  When you’ve seen those emails, perhaps you’ve wondered if they were legitimate or not.  Here’s some examples of what those emails will look like, and how to respond to them:

In the above email, you will see the Invoice #, The comment, and a link “View Comment” which will bring you to the invoice on the Jaggaer System.

Click on the Blue “Add Comment” button to add your comment back regarding the question in the email.

Why do we use Comments?

  • This allows all information to stay within Jaggaer within the History.
  • This keeps clear audit trail for our internal/external auditors.

When will Comments be used:

  • Comments will be used by the Payment Services team to communicate with you regarding invoices
    • Receipting against an order when there is no receipt in place and the due date of the invoice is coming up
    • Sales tax on an invoice (UND is tax exempt, therefore, tax is not expected on any invoices)
    • Pricing that doesn’t match the original order
    • Excessive Shipping
    • Substitute Items