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Procurement review change for contracted purchases and payments

Effective immediately, any purchase requests, payment requests, or invoices $10,000 or greater that have completed the appropriate procurement action and have a UND bid or contract number associated to it, will not stop in Jaggaer workflow for UND procurement review. 

 As such, department requesters and approvers will be responsible for ensuring the correct contract is referenced for the products being purchased and that the pricing is correct. 

To properly link a contract to a transaction, refer to the contract training video and fast forward to timestamp 16:54. 

This change will not include the following:
-Cooperative, NDUS, and State agreements as those agreements are not managed by UND and are not stored in Jaggaer.
-Any other UND contract or agreement that is not currently stored in Jaggaer.
-“One-time” orders that have negotiated terms and conditions. 

Questions:  Contact Procurement & Payment Services