Finance Updates

News, updates and information from the University of North Dakota Finance team.

Jaggaer Updates to Review

  • Change Requests – IMPORTANT CHANGE
    • Change request now require a reason.
    • Also users can now decide whether to resend a change request to the supplier or not.
    • The instructions are on page 51 of the manual.  Generally speaking, funding changes do not need to be sent to suppliers whereas pricing, quantity, and description updates suppliers may expect to receive a change order.
    • This change will enable faster processing of change requests as most POs will no longer need to be routed to procurement.
  • New Views
    • Some pages have a new look.  Those pages should have an option in the lower right hand corner to toggle back to the old view if needed.
  • PO Acknowledgements
    • POs sent from Jaggaer via email will now contain a link for suppliers to acknowledge the order and provide shipment updates.
    • If a supplier chooses to use that link, that information will show up on the Confirmation and Shipment tabs on the PO document in Jaggaer.
  • Discussion page for Alternate Procurement Requests
    • There is now a discussion page on Alternate Procurement Requests to allow for conversations within Jaggaer (similar to the comment feature on requisitions).  We’ll use that from time to time to ask questions about those requests.