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PI Delegation of Authority to Approve Invoices & Requisitions in UND Marketplace (Jaggaer)

Procurement & Payment Services (PPS) is introducing the PI Delegation of Approval Authority for Sponsored Projects. This form allows Principle Investigators (PI) to authorize individuals with firsthand knowledge of the day-to-day activities of a sponsored project to approve invoices and requisitions in UND Marketplace for purchases charged to grants.  The PI Delegation of Approval Authority for Sponsored Projects is located on the Finance website under  Accounts Payable Forms

  • The form must be completed in full, signed by the PI and the Delegate, and kept on file in the department.
  • The form does not need to be sent to Grants & Contracts or to PPS.

As with any expense charged to a grant or contract, if it is determined the expense is unallowable under the terms and conditions of the award, the department will be responsible for removing it from the grant and covering the cost.

If you have any questions regarding assigning a substitute approval, contact PPS at

If you have questions regarding the allowability of an expense being charged to a grant, contact your Grants Officer.

Laura Nelson, MBA

Director of Procurement & Payment Services