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Fiscal Year 2023 Department Receipts Report Available

A department receipts report for fiscal year 2023 is now located on the UND Finance Reports website at Access to this website will require login using your NDUS credentials (credentials used to login to PeopleSoft). Just click on the following reports, add Data Filters to the output and you can search for what you need:

  • Treasury UND Department Receipts FY2023 – Fiscal year to date receipts, including funding source, receipt number, reference number, posting date and amount. The report is refreshed daily and is current through the end of the prior day.
  • FY22, FY21 and FY20 Receipts – Receipts for these three fiscal years are also available on the site.

Please contact with any questions you have about the UND Finance reports site or any of the reports available.


Laura P. K. Johnson (Knox), CPA

Associate Controller