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REMINDER: Travel & Expense Changes Aug 15th

Effective 8/15/2022, all employees will be required to enter T&E reports using the Fluid View vs Classic View. Classic entry access will be turned off on August 15th.
Fluid entry is already available, so please familiarize yourself with the fluid pages if you haven’t already.
The following guides are available:
NOTIFY: The notification feature hasn’t disappeared but is no longer on the entry/view pages.
In the My Expense Reports tile, you’ll see expense reports that are currently in progress.
If you click on the Actions dropdown on an expense report, you should see an option to Send Notification.
PeopleSoft Fluid pages are designed for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. When accessing a PeopleSoft fluid page, the system detects the device you are using and renders the appropriate page. There will be more screen space on devices such as tablets or desktops. For example, in the Create Expense Report tile, the General Information, and Expense Details are combined and displayed on a single page to allow you to add the expenses without drilling down to a different page.
One change to note: it will be important to put your attachments on each line, versus the header of the expense report.  This will ensure fewer warnings/errors with submitting the expense reports.

Any questions, please contact Tonya Parton, Payment Services Manager: