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IMPORTANT: New Supplier Requests & Supplier Changes

Starting on July 1, 2022, the North Dakota University System’s Core Technology Services (CTS) changed its processes for entry of new suppliers and edits/updates to existing supplier records. Important control steps have been added to ensure the integrity of the supplier record and mitigate possible fraud or error. However, the new process and verification steps are adding significantly to the timeline for a new supplier to be added or for updates to existing suppliers to be made in the financial system.  

It can now take 5-10 business days from submission to P&PS to approval by CTS. Please plan accordingly when submitting requests for supplier set-up or changes. 

As part of the new supplier process all new suppliers and supplier changes must be: 

1)      Entered into Peoplesoft by a UND Procurement & Payment Services (P&PS) employee

2)      Reviewed and approved by a separate UND P&PS employee

3)      Reviewed and approved by NDUS CTS  

New Supplier Requests:

Please submit all requests for new suppliers using the “Supplier Request” form in UND Marketplace (Jaggaer). All new supplier requests must be accompanied by a signed Form W-9 (rev. October 2018) or W-8 BEN attached to the supplier request form.

 Supplier Change Requests: 

The following list shows the documentation requirements for each type of requested supplier change.  

·         Address Change: Submit a copy of a recent invoice that includes the updated remittance address or submit an updated W-9 or W-8 that includes the correct remittance address.

·         Supplier Name Change: Submit a copy of the updated W-9 or W-8 showing the new supplier name.

·         ACH Payment Information Change: Complete the ACH/Direct Deposit Form and submit. The old account information and new account information sections are both required to be completed before an ACH change will be processed.


·         Remittance Email Address Change: Submit a copy of the invoice or other documentation showing the updated remittance email address.

 For any questions regarding the new supplier set-up and change process please contact

Thank you for your understanding of these new requirements.