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Travel and Expense module updates


Two notable updates were released to the T&E module in PeopleSoft this weekend:

  • Employees/delegates will need to input a comment before submitting an expense report if no receipt is provided at the line level on any expense except Meals and Mileage.
  • If the system detects a duplicate expense during entry, a button will display on the expense line, which the user can utilize to review the duplicate – a link to the apparently related expense report is provided. Users can input comments if they choose.
    • Note: a potential duplicate is determined by the following: the system looks at the expense type, transaction date, and amount fields, then looks for an expense line within the same expense report with identical values. If the system finds an exact expense line, it flags the line. The system searches for the same line in all expense reports for the employee. When a per diem (meals) expense type is used, only the expense type and the transaction date is considered when checking for duplicates.

Please also note there is a bug with the “exceeds amount” feature for all lodging expense types. Therefore, that feature has been turned off temporarily. A fix is due to come out in December.

Thank you.