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2023 Fiscal Year-End Resources & Deadlines

UND’s fiscal year end is quickly approaching on June 30. The fiscal year end fact sheets that outline the procedures, deadlines and contact information for the various finance processes are located on the Fiscal Year End webpage, where it is broken down by category for quick reference. Also, included on the webpage are the Fiscal Year End Procedures from the UND Alumni Association & Foundation.

Training Opportunity:

Two 30-minute online fiscal year end workshops will be held in June. In these workshops, Central Finance staff will give a brief overview of the information included in the facts sheets and provide time for meeting attendees to ask questions on the deadlines and procedures. There are no significant changes to the fiscal year end processes from prior years, so these workshops will serve as a reminder of how the fiscal year end processes work and provide an opportunity for department Finance staff to ask questions. Communication with dates and times about these fiscal year end workshops will be sent in a later announcement.

Below is a summary of the fiscal year-end deadlines:

June 23:

  • Last day to place an order through UND Marketplace (Jaggaer) and have the possibility of it being posted using FY23 funding. If an order submitted before June 24 is not fully receipted before July 10 with a receipt date of June 30 or earlier and not fully invoiced as of July 10, it will not be paid using FY23 funds and will be rolled over to FY24. Questions?

June 24-30:

  • UND Marketplace (Jaggaer) orders placed during this time period will be held by UND PPS and not submitted to suppliers until July 3. Questions?

June 28:

  • Accounts Receivable charges and credits are due by 4:30 pm. Questions?

June 29:

  • All departmental deposits (cash/checks/credit card) are due by 4:00 pm. Cash and Checks must be dropped off to the Twamley drop box (room 107) by 4:00 pm. Questions? Contact your division’s finance department or central finance at
  • All payments on student accounts, the associated check, and account number must be delivered to One Stop Student Services by 3:00 pm, located in the Memorial Union Room 302.

June 30:

  • Last day to submit payroll retroactive forms for fiscal year 2023. Questions? Consult your division’s finance department or payroll services at

July 3:

  • Orders placed in UND Marketplace (Jaggaer) during the hold period will budget check against the FY24 budget and then be submitted to suppliers. Questions?

July 10:

  • Last day to receipt a product to June 30 and have all invoice approvals completed for purchases made in UND Marketplace (Jaggaer). Questions?

July 12:

  • Last day for a June payment request to be approved by the department and routed to payment services for payment with FY23 funds. Questions?
  • Last day to approve and route a FY23 travel and expense report to central finance for review. Questions?
  • Last day for a journal voucher to be approved for posting to FY23. Questions?

July 13:

  • Last day for expenses on state grants to be processed by Grants and Contracts Accounting. Questions?

July 14:

  • Last day for a journal entry or journal import to be approved and routed to central finance for review to post to FY23. Questions? Contact your division’s finance department or central finance at