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Fiscal Year-End Training Sessions – June 6 & June 13

UND Central Finance is hosting two online fiscal year-end training sessions in June. There are no significant changes to any of the fiscal year-end processes that have been used in recent fiscal years. These training sessions will give a high-level overview of how the year-end procedures work across the various financial processes at UND and will provide time for meeting attendees to ask questions. This training will be the most valuable for finance users that are new to UND or finance users that want a refresher on how the year-end processes work.

We recommend that meeting attendees review the fiscal year end information from the UND website in advance of the meeting so they can compare prepared with questions for the training session.

Below are the links to the two training sessions (only need to attend one):

If there are any questions regarding the fiscal year-end processes or deadlines in advance of the meeting, please reach out to the responsible party that is listed as the contact for questions on the UND fiscal year-end website.